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E561 – CFC – 100k to Invest – Investing In the ONE Asset Class with 300% Y-O-Y Growth

The secret is out on mobile homes and RV parks…

The cap rates for mobile home parks (MHPs) have been compressing for years.

Also, huge private equity companies have been searching within the sector for yield.

Not to mention, COVID gave the RV industry a massive boost.

The question is…what does the future look like for this sector, and have the opportunities for profit disappeared?

Today, Brian Spear explains how his company, Sunrise Capital, is approaching the sector.

First, Brian is a firm believer in the long-term macroeconomics of the industry.

With the demand for affordable housing continuing to outpace the supply…

There are few places where tenants can safely live for $300/month other than MHPs!

Brian describes some 5-Star MHPs as affordable communities for lower-middle-income retirees.

With 22% of the supply being owned by institutions, private investors can continue to profit by transacting with mom-and-pop owners who have not kept up with market rates and trends.

Tune in today to hear Brian reveal how his company is doing it!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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1. Brian Spear

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