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E563 - MM - How to Become Emotionally Invincible - Takeaways from Tony Robbins Event - Asym Capital

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E563 – MM – How to Become Emotionally Invincible – Takeaways from Tony Robbins Event

Striving for greatness is not easy…

If you split your life into three pillars business, self, and relationships, many of us are probably heavily weighted on the business pillar…

I know that’s how it’s been for me.

But with major life changes coming, I’ve been reflecting deeply on what I want my life to be…

I just attended a 6-day Tony Robbins event end, and I want to share my biggest takeaway…

While it’s important to give your business all you got, you are not complete if you’re missing any of the three pillars.

If you give your business most of your energy, imagine what would happen if something disrupted your business significantly…

Your mood and your relationships will probably take a massive hit, as well.

But if you have your life in a harmonious balance, success is completely within your control!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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