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E565 - CFC - 100k to Invest - Protecting Your Assets Through Trusts (While Avoiding Probate) - Asym Capital

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E565 – CFC – 100k to Invest – Protecting Your Assets Through Trusts (While Avoiding Probate)

If you have enough money that you’re considering private Investments,

You need to have an estate and asset protection plan…

Yes, acknowledging your mortality and the possibility of getting sued is not fun,

but what is far less fun is losing all your assets to creditors and allowing your family to suffer through probate.

However, you need not worry because Brian Chou is an estate planning and asset protection attorney who shows us how empowering ourselves with control and certainty is surprisingly fun!

Brian breaks down asset protection with the analogy of a box.

We all know that we want to put our real estate assets in a box, like an LLC, so that if someone trips and falls on your property, they can’t come for your other assets.

However, fewer people think about the box from the other perspective…

You also want to have your assets in a box so people suing you for something related to your personal business can’t go after your assets.

Additionally, Brian encourages his clients to transfer their assets into a trust so that they can maintain control of their assets, and so someone YOU appoint can exercise your wishes!

For many of you, setting up a trust is a no-brainer, so tune in today to hear how to do it!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Brian Chou


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