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E567 - MM - Why I RARELY Accept Business Favors - Asym Capital

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E567 – MM – Why I RARELY Accept Business Favors

Everyone loves a discount… right?

When it comes to buying real estate, of course, you should always pay the lowest price you can.

However, when it comes to services, you might love a discount,

but the service provider, Does NOT!

Most of us who listen to this are scrappy entrepreneurs, but sometimes discounts can cost you a lot more than they save…

There is a hidden cost that comes with any discount on services…

While it might look great to get a 10% discount from a CPA,

That CPA will want to replace you with a full-priced client ASAP!

The cost that comes with turnover is a huge drag on the speed of your growth.

Secondly, a major key when it comes to scaling up your business is Word Of Mouth.

However, negative word of mouth is one of the biggest killers!

In this Monday Minutes, I discuss how to stay scrappy as you grow your business without facing lethal backlash!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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