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E569 - CFC - What Did He Learn After Listening to 100+ CFC Podcasts - Asym Capital

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E569 – CFC – What Did He Learn After Listening to 100+ CFC Podcasts

When I meet young entrepreneurs, I instantly know they will go far if they possess two things…

Curiosity and a Relentless Hunger for Growth.

Today’s guest demonstrates these qualities to the fullest extent…

He has listened to every episode of Cashflow Connections this year!

In the last episode of 2022, we reflect on the biggest lessons from 100+ episodes of the show!!!

Entrepreneurship is a journey of trial and error… failure and perseverance…

However, Ben Malech, a college student and entrepreneur, has decided to learn from my failures and best practices, so he can start miles ahead of where I started.

Over the last year of the podcast, I have uncovered the systems, strategies, and mindsets that have 100Xed my business, such as…

The AENC system, investor call frameworks, marketing funnels, storytelling, diversification, and MUCH MORE!!!

However, it’s unlikely that all of these game-winning concepts have stuck in your head…

So, you got to tune in to today’s episode to unlock a year’s worth of knowledge and take your business to THE NEXT LEVEL in the New Year!!!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Ben Malech


2.  Hunter Thompson



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