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E571 - MM - We Are Raising Our Prices For RaiseMasters By 33.37% - Asym Capital

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E571 – MM – We Are Raising Our Prices For RaiseMasters By 33.37%

Michael Jordan might be the G.O.A.T. of basketball…

But he could not have achieved his level of success without his team…

A few years ago, if you wanted to reach the highest level of success in capital raising,

You had nowhere to go.

Ever since my partner, Adam Carswell, and I founded RaiseMasters, capital raisers have a place where they can go to raise millions and leapfrog to the top of the game!

However, the entire RaiseMasters team is elevating to the next level, with 5 full-time coaches joining the team to accelerate each of our success, which means there is only a few more weeks to join before the price rises by 33%!

Tune in to hear Adam and I discuss RaiseMasters history and announce the coming changes…

Here is a secret…

You don’t need to be the best marketer, have the best sales team, or even a long client list.

The secret is having The Best Product!

So many coaches focus cherry-pick the best customer-success stories to market their product, but are not as invested in the success of their clients as in growing their income…

However, these people always fail to grow a scalable and valuable business.

RaiseMasters does not have this problem, because almost every single member passes their capital-raising goals in the first year!

Although my capital-raising strategies work, the success of the group is not because of me…

Every RaiseMaster joins a team where everyone around them has knowledge to share and support to offer, and together the team flies to new heights!

Fortunately, you have just 1 or 2 more weeks to join the team before the prices rise!!!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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1. Asym Capital

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