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E572 - TT - Topical Tuesdays Year-in-Review 2022 - Asym Capital

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E572 – TT – Topical Tuesdays Year-in-Review 2022

Be sure to tune in to this week’s Topical Tuesdays SPECIAL EDITION episode, the 2022 Year-In-Review!

The team and I painstakingly reviewed some of the most popular podcasts from this year’s Topical Tuesdays episodes and we’ve aggregated the juiciest nuggets from all of those episodes into a single recording.

Get ready to take notes! This episode is packed with tons of actionable advice related to passive investing, real estate entrepreneurship and economics.

In this episode, you’ll hear from the following high-caliber guests:

  • Robert Ritzenthaler: CEO – REM Capital
  • Jay Parsons: Senior Vice President and Chief Economist – Real Page
  • Travis Watts: Director of Investor Education – Ashcroft Capital
  • Scott Pickett: Vice President – Post Investment Group
  • Phil Block: Managing Partner – LBX Investments
  • Brian Hamrick: Principal – Hamrick Investment Group
  • Brian Spear: Co-Founder – Sunrise Capital Investors
  • MC Laubscher: Cashflow Ninja
  • Adam Lach: CEO – Cloudfire Capital
  • Josh Satin: CIO – Gelt, Inc.
  • Richard Fertig: CEO – Stomp Capital
  • Mark Kenney: CEO – Think Multifamily
  • George Gammon: Rebel Capitalist
  • Kent Ritter: CEO – Hudson Investing
  • James Eng: National Director – Old Capital
  • Walter Block: Chair of Economics – Loyola School of Business

A huge thank you to all of you for your listenership in 2022 and we wish you the best in 2023 and beyond!

To your success,

Tyler Lyons

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