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E575 - MM - My 2023 Outlook and How to Raise Money During a Recession - Asym Capital

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E575 – MM – My 2023 Outlook and How to Raise Money During a Recession

A lot of prominent economists come onto this show, and all of them were wrong…

It looks like a recession is inevitable in 2023.

However, this is what some of us have been waiting for…

Distressed prices = faster wealth generation.

However, a recession can be scary for most people, and I predict it will be 50% more challenging to raise capital in 2023…

Today, I give you the strategies that will make your business recession-proof!

The first key is to make sure your face and character are front and center in your marketing.

In a recession, investors are only going to invest with people who they are attracted to and trust, so it’s more important than ever to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.

Second, if you believe we are going into a recession, you must admit that to your audience.

Fear is circulating around the industry, but if you can acknowledge it and then show how your deal addresses it, investors will be much more likely to join you!

To hear how I am implementing these strategies in my business, tune in today!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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