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E577 - CFC - Revealed - Important Update to Self-Directed Retirement Accounts - Asym Capital

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E577 – CFC – Revealed – Important Update to Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

The big financial institutions really don’t want you to know this…

When you want to buy a Duplex down the street, you can use your retirement dollars!

The days of only bonds and mutual funds are over.

Anyone with a 401(k), Roth, or most types of IRAs can transition their account into a Self-Directed account and can invest in almost any type of private investment.

Today, expert retirement account advisor, Mat Sorensen and I, discuss exciting new legislation that was passed 10 days ago that might allow you to supercharge your retirement!!!

Last year, the SD IRA industry had a major scare…

The Build Back Better Act in congress posed some existential risks to real estate investor’s retirement opportunities.

However, Mat and his acquaintances spent 2 months lobbying congress and succeeded in shooting down the act.

Now, in 2023, the tide turned in the opposite direction and new laws have added major advantages for entrepreneurs.

The opportunities and rules are still very intricate so I definitely recommend you tune into this incredible conversation with Mat!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Mat Sorensen


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