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E579 - MM - What to Say to Investors On Your FIRST Call - Asym Capital

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E579 – MM – What to Say to Investors On Your FIRST Call

If you don’t start off on a good foot with investor prospects, they probably will never invest…

Even if they do, they will do so begrudgingly or try to invest below your minimums.

More importantly, the people who you don’t form a bond with will never refer new clients!

So, the first minute of your investor calls will make or break your relationship.

In today’s episode, I reveal the script that has taken me over 10 years to perfect!

Always remember this:

Neediness Kills Deals. 

If you don’t come across as an expert who has done these hundreds of times,

They will go to someone who does…

This brings us to the next point:

The sole purpose of the call is to establish credibility.

Investors think they want they invest because of the specifics of the deal,

but the real catalyst is their trust that you are the right person to protect their investment!

Tune in now to see how I talk to investors every day!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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