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E581 - CFC - The $100M Asset Protection Journey - Asym Capital

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E581 – CFC – The $100M Asset Protection Journey

Brad came from the corporate world with more than one degree…

So when he met his first mentor, at first, he was very skeptical of a millionaire investor with no college degree who was cursing about multifamily on stage!

However, he realized that his skepticism illuminated the opportunity that exists in the industry.

Anyone can succeed with the right skills and understanding.

Unfortunately, his engineering degree and MBA weren’t enough…

Now, after acquiring over 10,000 units, Brad Sumrock reveals what it takes to succeed!

Brad started with the mission of replacing his W-2 income with passive income.

Unlike many of us, he started with a 32-unit property…

However, like many of us, if he realized that if he was going to continue growing his portfolio,

he would need to include other investors in his deals!

This epiphany is what helped him let down his ego and learn syndication from his mentor.

Now, after escaping the rat race over 15 years ago, Brad wants to help others follow his path!

Brad has an incredible story, so I encourage you to tune in to today’s episode!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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