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E59 - How Joe Fairless Analyses Markets, Purchases Apartments, and Raises Millions - Asym Capital

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E59 – How Joe Fairless Analyses Markets, Purchases Apartments, and Raises Millions

Learning from other individuals and their successes can be extremely beneficial to you when it comes to investing and your personal life. Today we will be talking about the technical aspect of real estate investing as well as our guest and his achievements. He has built a significant and recognizable brand which has allowed him to make remarkable moves in the industry over a short period of time. By delving into his accomplishments, we can continue to advance our knowledge about the real estate sector and find more ways to succeed.

Our guest for today is Joe Fairless who is a full-time real estate investor that started buying multifamily properties in 2013. He now controls over $400 million worth of real estate with a portfolio of more than 4,000 units. Joe is also the host of the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast, “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever”, where he has interviewed many guests such as Barbara Corcoran, Robert Kiyosaki, Emmitt Smith, and Tony Hawk. He also has authored several articles and three books that helped build his brand and contributed to his success.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Joe’s 7-step market evaluation process
  • Systems, technologies, and processes that can help you invest, scale, and maintain your portfolio
  • How to become a thought leader in a highly competitive sector of the investing world
  • 4 metrics to check to ensure that you are actually aligned with your operator
  • How Joe built a mentorship program which has helped him raise millions

Learn more about our guest:
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Book on Amazon: Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book

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