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E595 - MM - Walk Through of Typical 2023 Capital Stack - Asym Capital

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E595 – MM – Walk Through of Typical 2023 Capital Stack

The Market is Changing…

Interest Rates are high, LTVs are coming down, and it’s harder to raise capital…

With all of these changes, it’s advantageous to make some changes to your capital stack.

Today I walk through a few strategies that could boost your business!

The first structure that is gaining in popularity during this uncertain time is:

Preferred Equity.

It’s an additional class of equity that returns a moderate rate of return with limited upside but is senior to the GP and LP positions.

Additionally, I recommend looking into creating tranches of equity in your deal that pay a higher rate of return or give a better split to larger check writers.

This will attract fund managers that can raise money for your deals from their investors!

If you want to hear me explain these strategies in more detail, tune in today!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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