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E599 – MM – Can You Create a Multi-Asset Class Fund of Funds

If you have started raising capital, this question has probably come across your mind…

If I can raise a fund to invest in one deal, can’t I raise a fund to invest in multiple deals?

It’s not that simple…

I’ve spent over $50,000 on legal fees trying to answer this question.

In today’s episode, I break down what I’ve discovered after doing tons of research!

The short answer is it’s probably not worth it…

From a regulatory perspective, it’s a total headache.

Not only would you likely have to become a licensed investment advisor, but the qualifications for permitted investors are also completely different!

But even more importantly, it’s not a great idea from a business plan perspective.

If you have loyal investors who participate in all your deals, if you only raise one fund a year, they probably will not invest as much money with you!

However, if you are seeking clarity on this topic,

today’s episode is full of gems that cost me A LOT of money to uncover!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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