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E60 - How This Civil Engineer Went From Accidental Landlord To 1600 Units - Asym Capital

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E60 – How This Civil Engineer Went From Accidental Landlord To 1600 Units

When you make your first investment you can go through a myriad of emotions. The excitement, nervousness, and anticipation may seem overwhelming at times. As you become more prepared and knowledgeable about investing, your anxieties will diminish. Today our guest is one who has gone through many transitions as an investor. His story and background could perhaps be one you can relate to, and will possibly help you in your future investments.

Our guest for today is Lane Kawa-oka who is a full time civil engineer with a masters degree in Engineering. He is also the co-owner of the MPFE Investments, which invests in Class B/C value-add apartments and currently controls 2 MHPs and 10 apartment buildings totaling 1,600 units. Lane is also the host of a podcast called Simple Passive Cashflow that focuses on educating listeners about passive investments.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Why our guest purchased his first property
  • What our guest learned about the world of being a landlord
  • Some of our guest’s first investments
  • What markets our guest was drawn to when coming out of the Great Recession
  • What types of investments our guest is looking at in 2018
  • Our guest’s plans now that he is in the process of existing several SFR properties
  • A horror story about the loss of our guest’s original investment

Learn more about our guest:
Podcast: Simple Passive Cashflow

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