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E61 - How Geopolitics, Bonds and the Dollar Impact Real Estate Investments - Asym Capital

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E61 – How Geopolitics, Bonds and the Dollar Impact Real Estate Investments

Whether you watch the news on television or read it in a paper, there is a good chance you are left with some questions. When the news is full of talk about the dollar collapsing and not remaining the world reserve currency, many people wonder what that means for them. That question often remains unanswered, which is why we are going to discuss these topics today in order to find the much needed answers.

Our guest for today is Russell Gray who is the co-host of the Real Estate Guys Radio Show, which is one of the longest running real estate podcasts in the United States. Russell is a financial strategist and has a background in financial services that dates back to 1986.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What the current state of the US economy is and how we got there
  • Some of the geopolitical moves China is making and what can be inferred from them
  • Why the bond market is so critical for real estate investors to pay attention to
  • What this data suggests about where we should be investing

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