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E617 - CFC - What Are Multifamily Developers Seeing Right Now? - Asym Capital

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E617 – CFC – What Are Multifamily Developers Seeing Right Now?

When the market is booming, everyone wants to be a developer, but when interest rates are high, we’re glad if we aren’t one…

However, developers are an incredible source of information when things get rough.

Given the current macroeconomic conditions, developers are definitely feeling the pressure.

In today’s episode, Texas developer, Tom Burns, shares how he is adapting to higher rates!

Austin, Texas, is a developer’s paradise…

The population is growing incredibly fast, and the jobs keep on coming.

However, if rates kill your deal in the short run, the beautiful fundamentals can’t save you.

Luckily, we discuss strategies like preferred equity, pipeline management, and loan workouts that experienced investors will be able to utilize.

In times like these, having investors who trust you is essential as you seek the best solution, so tune in to get the information you and your investors can rely on!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Tom Burns

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