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E621 - CFC - Tax Strategies for PASSIVE Real Estate Investors - Asym Capital

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E621 – CFC – Tax Strategies for PASSIVE Real Estate Investors


None of this is tax advice. Always consult with your legal and tax professionals before making investment decisions…

It’s tax time… another year of wishing we had planned differently…

As a real estate investor, it’s really hard to predict what your tax exposure will look like in a given year.

We often get a pile of K1s with losses, gains, sales, and a lot more stuff we probably don’t understand…

However, one of the reasons we love real estate is that it reduces our tax burden!

The difficulty is that the rules are always changing, and there’s always a better way to optimize.

Today, I interview two of the leading tax experts in real estate so you will have the information you need to begin a discussion with your own tax advisor about some of the best tax savings strategies available!

Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland are the authors of one of the best tax strategy books in the industry.

Today, we talk about the Lazy 1031, Self-Directed retirement, RE professional status, and depreciation, which are all things you have to know a little bit about to get the most out of your real estate investments.

So, tune in today if you want to keep more of the wealth your investments generate!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Amanda Han & Mathew MacFarland



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