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E625 - CFC - Economic Trends & Forecast for 2023 - Asym Capital

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E625 – CFC – Economic Trends & Forecast for 2023

We are in the midst of economic madness right now.

What we began to see in the streets, months ago with retail, residential, and other sales being down, has now trickled its way into the rest of the economy.

The Covid war governments around the world pumped in unprecedented trillions of dollars to “remain afloat”…

And the banksters brought the interest rates down to zero in the United States and kept them at negative in Europe and in Japan.

This my friends was clear writing on the walls for what we’re currently experiencing in the economy today.

Leading up to this, I reached out to my good friend Gerald Celente, who is the founder and director of the Trends Research Institute.

He is also the publisher of the Weekly Trends Journal magazine and he’s going to be sharing his 2023 outlook and how we’re in the worst financial and geopolitical crisis in modern history.

Luckily, we discuss strategies like the future of multifamily that experienced investors will be able to utilize.

In times like these, having investors who trust you is essential as you seek the best solution, so tune in to get the information you and your investors can rely on!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Gerald Celente – Trends Journal


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