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E635 - MM - How to Use the Piggyback Fund Method to Get Started NOW - Asym Capital

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E635 – MM – How to Use the Piggyback Fund Method to Get Started NOW

A huge limitation many people face when getting started in the business is their track record…

Unfortunately, this causes many people to push out their investing goals decades into the future.

However, I didn’t wait 20 years to begin raising capital…I started with the structure that I’m going to tell you about today on the show!

It’s really hard to get the attention of Co-GPs when you are looking for a way to leverage someone else’s track record.

Often, you don’t bring much to the table on day 1….

However, there is a way to utilize their track record without having to do the Co-GP model.

It’s the Fund-of-Funds!

Instead of partnering with an experienced investor directly, you pool capital and invest in a limited partnership interest in their deal, but with favorable economics.

If you want to learn more, tune in to today’s show where I discuss my beginnings in this industry!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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