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E637 - CFC - How Will the Banking Crises Impact Real Estate Investors? - Asym Capital

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E637 – CFC – How Will the Banking Crises Impact Real Estate Investors?

When something wild happens in the markets, there are a few people I have on speed dial…

John Chang is one of the first.

Today, we cut through the over-sensationalized headlines and give the cold hard facts about what is going on in the banking sector and how it affects real estate.

We even get his predictions where rates will be at the end of the year!

John serves as the National Director of Research and Advisory Services for Marcus & Millichap, and is a leading expert in all things economics.

The current issue with banks is not 2008…

The GFC was a cascade that ran through the entire banking system, but what is currently happening is more like a sinkhole that gobbled up a few banks with acute problems.

However, the silver lining to the whole situation is that it caused The Fed to blink.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear what that means for your investments, deal flow, and business going forward!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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1. John Chang


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