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E645 – CFC – Lessons From $100M+ Clients and Mentors

Once you make it in real estate, your wealth planning conversations get really cool…

That is to say, once you have financial freedom, you can have the flexibility to align your business and investments directly with your values and goals.

However, there is one problem… Taxes love to get in the way…

Today, we discuss one of the most powerful strategies for destroying your tax burden!

Brett Swartz is an expert in the deferred sales trust.

The DST is similar to a 1031 exchange, but you do not have to a set timeframe and the exchange does not have to be likekind.

If any of real estate is causing you headaches, but you don’t want to sell due to the taxes you will have to realize, the DST might be the perfect way to shift into passive investments.

This is one of the coolest strategies out there, so if you want to learn more, tune in!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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1. Brett Swarts





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