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E646 - FF - He Raised Over $1M In 48 Hours On His FIRST Deal - Asym Capital

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E646 – FF – He Raised Over $1M In 48 Hours On His FIRST Deal

In this Freedom Friday episode, David talks about his first deal where he raised $1.4 million in 48 hours without any prior capital raising experience.

He explains the effort and time that it took to prepare for that moment and how he networked with quality operators to find the right one.

He wanted to help his investors diversify outside of Utah, which was a high-growth market, into higher cash flow opportunities with quality operators.

He explains the steps he took to get himself in a position of capacity and how he found an operator that aligned with his values and was on a growth trajectory.

Ultimately, he made it clear that he wanted to partner with the operator and then analyzed the deal and did his own due diligence before releasing it to his investors.

Listen to the Freedom Friday podcast episode to learn how one investor raised $1.4 million in 48 hours for their first deal. Take notes on their strategies and apply them to your own investing journey.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. David Robinson



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