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E65 - What To Watch Out For When Reading The Legal Documents - Asym Capital

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E65 – What To Watch Out For When Reading The Legal Documents

For most people, their least favorite part of the investment process is reading the legal documents. There are a couple of provisions in the legal documents where there can be a significant variance between what is typically done, what is investor-favorable and what is inappropriate. Individuals tend to have different perspectives as to what should be focused on in these legal documents as well as what to expect. Above all, it is critical to read these documents, especially if something goes wrong.

Our guest for today is Pat Poling who is the founder and CEO of Mara Poling, which is an asset management firm that has created portfolios comprised of more than 60,000 units of commercial real estate. Pat has more than 35 years of commercial and corporate real estate development, investment, and operational experience. He also leads the Mara Poling team and has a special emphasis on investor relations.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • The outline of the different segments in the legal documents for a typical syndication investment
  • Which provisions investors should read every single time they invest
  • A few different capital call provision examples and where they rank in terms of being favorable for the investor
  • Why having a significant amount of voting control as a passive investor might not always be such a good idea

Learn more about our guest:

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