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E655 – MM – You’re Killing Your Capital Raise If You’re Doing This

Have you ever heard the saying: “deals get done on the golf course?”

Well, no one is bringing their Excel models or doing business strategy in between strokes.

The significance of this phrase is that deals get done because of the emotional connections sponsors build with their investors.

However, it’s not as simple as a few conversations, dinners, or golf outings…

Today, I discuss how to build the connections that will make every raise you do a success!

The most common mistake by new capital raisers stems from an insecurity that we’ve all had…

Before you develop a track record, you want to be seen as an expert, so you might spend your time with a potential investor talking about the details of your deal and all its merits.

However, this is a huge mistake…

Frankly, every deal more-or-less promises similar financial outcomes.

However, this is not why people invest…

People invest because they believe YOU are the correct person to protect and grow their wealth.

If you can learn how to make yourself and your brand the motivator for new investors, your business will be able to raise capital in any market conditions!

Take Control,
Hunter Thompson

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