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E663 - MM - The UFC's $300M Secret - Asym Capital

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E663 – MM – The UFC’s $300M Secret

Today, I’m going to tell you a $300MM secret that you can apply to your business…

Communication is the ultimate key to how the UFC printed $300MM of net profit during COVID.

They had a goal to do 43 fights during COVID and they successfully ran 42, while almost every other business was on pause.

In today’s episode, I go into detail on how they accomplished this incredible success…

First, they have a strong leader with a massive vision that he communicates continuously.

What’s your vision for revenue by year end? This is the kind of thing you need everyone in your business to know by heart.

Second, they attract incredible people and have an amazing company culture.

People who work for the UFC always go the extra mile for the company’s success. During COVID they spent a year on an island out in South East asia in order to keep running.

Lastly, They are exceptional story tellers. Even people who don’t know the first thing about fighting buy into the story lines of the fighters on the tour and tune in.

If you want to know how to use the UFC’s blueprint in your business, you have to tune in!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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