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E665 - CFC - Are Short Term Rentals Primed for a BOOM? - Asym Capital

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E665 – CFC – Are Short Term Rentals Primed for a BOOM?

The days of throwing some Ikea furniture into a house is over…

However, is there still money to be made in short-term rentals?

Have institutions taken over AirBNB?

Is regulation killing the industry?

In this jam-packed episode, we answer all these questions and more…

Sam Silverman owns and operates hundreds of Short-term rentals across the country and has got the business down to a science.

He uses large data models to identify and execute in the best possible markets across the U.S.

STR customers in the current market is are prioritizing a high quality look and experience.

However, Sam says there is plenty of opportunity given that institutions are too big to buy individual single family homes.

However, if you can roll up a portfolio of great properties, you exit opportunities could be incredible.

To hear about all the current trends and Sam’s cutting-edge strategies, tune in!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Sam Silverman




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