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E669 - CFC - How Should Passive Investors Conduct Due Diligence - Hunter on Old Capital Podcast - Asym Capital

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E669 – CFC – How Should Passive Investors Conduct Due Diligence – Hunter on Old Capital Podcast

In this episode of Cash Flow Connections, we delve into passive investing and syndications.

Hunter shares his journey of investing in syndications since 2011 on Old Capital Podcast, talking about building relationships, and raising capital successfully.

Key points include the importance of curated operating partners, robust due diligence, and attracting capital.

We discuss how to identify high-quality sponsors as a passive investor and strategies for attracting capital and effective communication with investors.

The syndicated approach to investing in commercial properties is explored, emphasizing the value of experts in complex assets and the benefits of diversification.

The seven-stage due diligence process is outlined, covering sponsors, managers, financing, performance, market analysis, property-specific details, and legal aspects.

Tips for passive investors include trust but verify, leveraging third-party reports, and evaluating sponsors through title searches and third-party service providers.

Join us to uncover insights on identifying sponsors and attracting capital in the world of passive investing and syndications.

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Old Capital Podcast – Paul Peebles & Michael Becker


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