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E67 - He Left Australia Six Years Ago Now He Controls $70 Million of Real Estate - Asym Capital

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E67 – He Left Australia Six Years Ago Now He Controls $70 Million of Real Estate

Investing can be worrisome, exciting, and gratifying simultaneously, yet the fear of failure may restrain numerous individuals. With each investment comes risk, even more so if you don’t have adequate resources or a secure network. Even if these challenges are present, it does not ultimately mean failure in the investment world. Our guest for today is a leading exemplar in how to overcome obstacles and become a successful investor despite having limited funds and no network to rely on.

Our guest for today is Reed Goossens who moved from Australia to the US to pursue a career in structural engineering. His pursuit quickly changed when he sought financial freedom and independence from his career. With limited funds, no network, and no family to rely on, Reed bought his first triplex for $38,000 in 2012. Now, he personally controls over $70 million in multifamily assets and has been involved in the syndication of another $100 million of commercial assets. Reed is also the host of a top rated podcast called Investing In The US, where he interviews industry leaders and entrepreneurs about the benefits of investing in US real estate and businesses.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How our guest has been able to create a team that he could rely on, even though he was starting at ground zero
  • Some of the questions to ask real estate professionals when you are interviewing them
  • Some of the details of an opportunity that our guest is currently underwriting
  • The current state of the multi-family market
  • Cap rates, where they are, and where they are going

Learn more about our guest:

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