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E677 - CFC - The Mindset Shift You Need to LEAVE Your W2 - Asym Capital

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E677 – CFC – The Mindset Shift You Need to LEAVE Your W2

Do you have a W2 that feels like golden handcuffs?

Do you feel like it has slowed you down in your entrepreneurial journey?

In the episode for today, we’re joined by Max Gonzales who is a contributing member of our RaiseMasters community.

In this interview, Max reveals…

  • The MASSIVE mindset shift he had to undergo in order to fully transition out of the W2 world, and into a full-time entrepreneur

  • Why it can be more difficult for talented and successful people to leave their W2, and some of the mental barriers one needs to break down to do is successfully

  • How the SOME business owners are incentivized to ensure their employees DO NOT think like entrepreneurs

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Max Gonzales



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