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E685 - CFC - The Capital Raising Playbook (2021) - Asym Capital

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E685 – CFC – The Capital Raising Playbook (2021)

When it comes to real estate investing, you don’t need to be a genius…

It sounds intimidating, but you need to be willing to fail in order to succeed…

I’ve been able to accomplish what I have because I’ve committed the TIME to see what works best.

And I’ve committed the money to make sure I SHOW UP.

Today, I share how the failures in my capital raising career have actually given me the best lessons on how to succeed in the industry.

I discuss why I made a conscious decision to “lean in” to one specific strategy (capital raising), and how it’s revolutionized my business, and my life.

I also discuss some of the challenges new capital raisers face, and what to do when these issues come up.

Here’s the thing…

Growing pains are part of the process, but you can achieve and surpass your goals when you figure out how to implement the right system.

Now, I can confidently say I have a system that works…

Not just for me, but for our coaching clients and ultimately our investors.

So, tune in today to hear the tools I use to succeed and what it takes to create your own success!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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