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E689 - CFC - The History of Inflation, Debt, and The Dollar Crises - Asym Capital

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E689 – CFC – The History of Inflation, Debt, and The Dollar Crises

You may have heard whispers about the dollar crisis that is leaving many people wondering about the fate of the US dollar…

In a time where interest rates have been skyrocketing and US debt is massively increasing…

I need to feel secure in my investments and how I am leveraging my assets.

There are three components that drive prices: inflation, supply and demand, and leverage.

That’s why, today, I’m interviewing Russell Gray of The Real Estate Guys who has been in the financial sector since 1986 and understands all things economics to explain what to do when the economy is uncertain.

Russell breaks down the history of interest rates and the banking system, pointing out the trends that have led to inflationary periods and why the US dollar has weakened.

In recent years, the formation of the BRICS coalition has also shined a spotlight on the importance of understanding currency, gold and energy.

The freedom that drove the US to become the most powerful and influential country in the world is being questioned and, with that, the strength of the dollared is being tested.

So tune in today if you want to know how to protect your wealth from high interests, inflation and the dollar crisis.

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Russell Gray

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