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E691 - MM - What Do When Things Look Dark (Horror Story) - Asym Capital

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E691 – MM – What Do When Things Look Dark (Horror Story)

You would think raising $4.4 million in less than 48 hours would be the beginning of a success story…

But that is the complete opposite of how it played out…

I put a Senior Living property under contract in January of 2020, and maybe you can see where this is going now…

The pandemic hit and what was previously a great investment quickly turned into a massive headache.

Today, I share one of the biggest challenges I had to face in my business and how I overcame those challenges with a hard-hitting lesson.

If you’re a young real estate entrepreneur, you may have already realized that it doesn’t take a large infrastructure to actually run a company…

But the problem is that it can be very lonely…

The moment I sought out guidance, I felt the weight on my shoulders lift and my vision became clear.

Having a mentor to talk you through the rough times and bad deals gives you the clarity you need to push through your obstacles.

If you want to learn how to deal with challenges in your company and take your business to the next level, tune in to today’s Monday Minutes!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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