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E693 - CFC - Raising Your Next (or FIRST) Million Dollars (Money Momentum) - Asym Capital

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E693 – CFC – Raising Your Next (or FIRST) Million Dollars (Money Momentum)

When it comes to success stories of capital raisers who took their businesses to the next level…

Bryan Escudero, Madhavi Jain and TJ Burns are the first that come to mind.

Today, I interview these three passionate entrepreneurs on how they have used their unique backgrounds to find their niches in real estate and scale their capital raising abilities into the millions.

Bryan, Madhavi and TJ are proof that it only takes one moment to change the trajectory of your future…

That stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the fear of failing can lead to significant opportunities and exponential growth.

They have persevered through challenges and doubts that keep many entrepreneurs from moving forward…

Developing a brand that resonates with your values and reflects your mission helps you stand out to investors and build meaningful connections.

By building a strong brand, focusing on your niche, and adding value to your community, you can attract like-minded investors and achieve remarkable results.

Tune in today to learn how they have turned their businesses into million-dollar capital raising machines and how you can do the same!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Bryan Escudero



2. Madhavi Jain



3. TJ Burns


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