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E697 - CFC - How to Vet Operators and Establish Long-Term Relationships - Asym Capital

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E697 – CFC – How to Vet Operators and Establish Long-Term Relationships

Like all real estate entrepreneurs, the first step to creating a successful business is finding your niche…

There is an overwhelming number of asset types to choose from, from multifamily homes to dental offices to assisted living facilities, etc…

But once you identify the asset class you can best serve, how can you learn to create the best deals for your investors?

Today, I interview Jeff Greenberg of Synergetic Investment Group who, like me, didn’t start his career in real estate but took the time to figure out how to operate the space and find lasting relationships that help him to scale his business.

When it comes to finding quality real estate investments these days…

Identifying skilled operators with a proven track record is one thing…

But forming a successful partnership goes beyond the data.

What Jeff and I realized is that they need to share our same core values and have a genuine dedication to cultivating a cohesive team that prioritizes investors’ interests…

To be able to weather challenges that arise while driving great returns.

So tune in today to hear how to best vet operators you want as part of your team and establish long-term relationships that drive your business forward!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

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  1. Jeff Greenberg




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