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E71 - Creating Systems To Acquire Assets From 5000 Miles Away - Asym Capital

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E71 – Creating Systems To Acquire Assets From 5000 Miles Away

Some of the best strides individuals have made in their career happen during a “sink or swim” period when they are forced to take urgent actions while in a particular situation. The steps that are taken during these periods tend to create significant results. When it comes to investing, this same “sink or swim” mentality can open up many doors that you may have not thought possible. Our guest for today is a prime example of the success that can follow a crucial decision made during a pivotal point.

Our guest for today is Billy Keels who was a “corporate soldier” turned international real estate investor. Billy felt like something was missing from his job and turned to entrepreneurship to help fulfill his desires. Billy currently lives in Europe but maintains his U.S. citizenship, allowing him to know the U.S. market well. He has successfully created systems that allow him to purchase properties more than 5,000 miles away while raising a family and maintaining a W2 income. Currently, his topmost goal is to build a bridge between investors and buyers in Europe with sellers in the United States.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How to use time blocks to structure your day on your own terms for optimal efficiency
  • How to complete cognitively demanding tasks without allowing for interruptions
  • What processes our guest uses to effectively invest in properties without having the potential to go onsite without a lot of notice
  • How our guest creates, vets, and leverage’s his networks in order to rely on their expertise during the investment process
  • How to use technology to facilitate these processes so that the differences between him being stateside versus overseas is significantly mitigated

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