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E72 – Achieving Parabolic Growth Through Masterminding

Years ago, many companies were offering real estate coaching for exorbitant amounts that many people couldn’t afford, or did not desire to pay. Some of these coaching programs hit $100,000, and others surpassed this appalling amount. Many individuals who took these coaching sessions got swindled due to the fact that a lot of the coaches had less functional real estate experience than the people they were teaching. Now that many people have shared their negative experiences regarding these programs, that part of the industry has become a bit of a taboo. Nowadays, there is a new era of high price groups, although this time many of them are exclusively attended by some remarkably influential people. The goal of these events are to share and learn from each other to gain further understanding of the real estate industry and how to best succeed.

Our guest for today is Jason Medley who is the founder of Collective Genius which is a real estate mastermind group that consists of 120 of the nation’s top real estate investors who meet quarterly to share investing systems, strategies, and profit sources. Collective Genius members buy houses, sell houses, lend money, borrow money, and invest in syndications together along with sharing their systems and resources with each other.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How our guest had built up a significant business but the market forced him to hit the reset button on his career in 2008
  • How some changes in some closing requirements made a shift in the market and created an opportunity for him to start a new business
  • Why he founded Collective Genius
  • Some of the key takeaways he has gotten from talking to so many extremely successful real estate entrepreneurs
  • The most common reoccurring challenges that come up when people are struggling with their business
  • The importance of work life balance and a few tips on how to balance the two

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