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E78 - How You Can Leverage Technology With Your Real Estate Business - Asym Capital

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E78 – How You Can Leverage Technology With Your Real Estate Business

It’s no surprise that technological advances have changed our world and the way we live. Although, over the last 20 years technology has disrupted a great deal of business and even entire sectors of the economy, including real estate. Due to these changes, we now have the MLS which is a website that hosts all of the current real estate listings from all over the United States and makes them viewable to every realtor in the US. Prior to the MLS website, listings were kept on an offline ledger and word of mouth was the way to learn about new listings. Currently, there are new tools, tips, tricks, and hacks that are coming out in regards to the real estate sector that people should be paying attention to.

Our guest for today is Tyler Van Winkle who is the Chief Marketing and Information Officer for Affinity Worldwide, which is a family of more than 85 brands. He is also the co-founder of Rivet, a full-service technology and creative agency that serves as the branding and marketing arm of Affinity. Tyler has won multiple American Advertising Awards, Best of Shows, a Cannes Bronze Lion, and many more. He is the owner, or author, of five patents in the tech space and his products have been featured in publications such as, MIT Tech Review, Tech Crunch, as well as the front page of the New York Times.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How to use CRMs (Customer Relationship Management)
  • What are some of the CRMs both our guest and I suggest for real estate entrepreneurs
  • Using technology to assist in lead generation
  • The major social media platforms and which one is currently presenting the best opportunity for real estate investors

Learn more about our guest: