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E80 - Where's The Opportunity for SFR Investors In Today's Market? - Asym Capital

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E80 – Where’s The Opportunity for SFR Investors In Today’s Market?

When it comes to passive investing the most popular avenue for investors is single-family houses. The amount of data that is publically available is so vast it makes the markets much easier to track, properties easier to comp, and the purchase prices are lowering, meaning you can control an entire property without emptying out your E-trade Account. While home ownership is trending down, there has been a substantial price run-up in every type of real estate and many single-family markets are renting at 1% of their purchase price, producing solid 7-8% cap rates.

Our guest for today is Marco Santarelli who is an investor, author, and the founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, which is a nationwide provider of turnkey cash flow investment properties. Since 2004, they’ve helped thousands of real estate investors create wealth and passive income through real estate. Marco is also the host of a popular podcast titled Passive Real Estate Investing.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Which markets SFR investors should be considering and which ones are poised for a massive correction
  • How to select management teams that are worth making a bet on
  • What systems investors need to have in place in order to ensure their properties are being taken care of

Learn more about our guest: