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E83 - Is There An Untapped Investment Opportunity In Industrial Parks? - Asym Capital

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E83 – Is There An Untapped Investment Opportunity In Industrial Parks?

Private equity groups and accredited investors have been looking everywhere for returns, even outside of their typical comfort zone. Many groups are seeking less competitive asset classes that can cause huge success, even if they are not well versed in the particular sector. Back in 2013, our guest saw some extremely bullish trends taking place in the industrial sector which led to his belief that they are well-positioned as more and more groups move outside of their comfort zone.

Our guest for today is Richard Kent, who is the Managing Principal of Avistone which is a CRE investment firm that focuses on multi-tenant industrial parks. Richard has more than 30 years of experience in financial services, real estate investing, and capital markets. He has completed more than $2B of transactions in commercial properties and has also worked in Wall Street, commercial banks, and real estate operating companies including Smith Barney, Commercial Capital Bank, and Deutsche Bank.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How you can purchase assets significantly below replacement cost, although they are difficult to replace in the first place since they take up a lot of land
  • The misconception about Amazon eating retail and the correlation between the amount of products Amazon ships, and the more warehouse space that is needed
  • When it comes to industrial, how you can identify markets where there simply isn’t additional supply coming online

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