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E84 - Gerald Celente's Predictions on Trade Wars, Stocks, Real Estate, and Gold - Asym Capital

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E84 – Gerald Celente’s Predictions on Trade Wars, Stocks, Real Estate, and Gold

Not having the ability to predict the future makes it extremely challenging when it comes to investing because you never know what the next black swan event will be. Since there are so many potential challenges in the economy that could cause a recession, accurate predictions can be almost impossible. Due to the division of labor, most people are only focused on one sector of the economy and may be completely oblivious to the changes happening in numerous other industries. Having a broad range of knowledge can lead to more accurate predictions and help keep your investments safe.

Our guest for today is Gerald Celente who is the publisher of The Trends Journal. He has earned the reputation as “today’s most trusted name in trends” due to his consistent accuracy in identifying upcoming changes as well as his timely forecasts since 1980 regarding global financial markets and other important events.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What are some of the potential black swans our guest is keeping an eye on and what they could mean for the economy
  • If this could be a 1987-style correction, 1929 crash, or if the US could enter a decade of low-negative GDP growth
  • Whether or not there is trade war going on with China and what implications this could have


Learn more about our guest: