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E85 - Yield Curve Inversions and What They Mean for Real Estate - Asym Capital

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E85 – Yield Curve Inversions and What They Mean for Real Estate

One of the most accurate predictors of a recession is the yield curve, which is why so many people keep an eye on it. However, there is much more to unpack than simply watching the spread between the 10 and the 2.
Our guest for today is Ali Wolf who is the Director of Economic Research for Meyers Research. As head of the Economics Department, Ali manages and analyzes the content for the firm, provides data analytics, runs special research projects, and does presentations across the country on topics spanning both the housing market as well as the wider economy.


In this episode, we are going to discuss…

  • What we mean by the “yield curve inversion” and why this metric communicates that there is fear in the market
  • What does an inversion of the 5-year and 3-year mean for the 10-year and the 2-year
  • What does it mean for real estate prices if we do have a recession


Learn more about our guest:

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