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E97 - Should You Wait on the Sidelines or Stay Invested? - Asym Capital

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E97 – Should You Wait on the Sidelines or Stay Invested?

Downside protection is one of the most favorable reasons to invest in real estate. To get close to the return profile that real estate has to offer from other investment opportunities, you will be much more likely to lose money and perhaps a lot of it. With so many investment vehicles available, it is crucial to search for deals and evaluate your options on a risk-adjusted basis.

Our guest for today is Josh Satin, who is a two-time division one college All American baseball player who was drafted by the New York Mets. Josh played for four MLB seasons before retiring in 2016 and joining the Gelt team as Director of Acquisitions. He has helped Gelt acquire 8 assets totaling over 2,500 units valued at close to $350 million.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Why we have an obligation to work for your investors in all stages of the cycle
  • Why our guest prefers investing in 200+ unit assets
  • Our guest’s perspective on the Denver market

Learn more about our guest: