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E99 - His VC Funded Firm Helps Fix and Flippers All Over the US - Asym Capital

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E99 – His VC Funded Firm Helps Fix and Flippers All Over the US

While luck may play a part, the most successful people are constantly looking for opportunities and paying attention to when opportunities present themselves. One of these great opportunities that continues to thrive is providing debt for fixers and flippers. People are constantly buying assets, rehabbing them, and selling them, making this a great option for investors.

Our guest for today is Matt Rodak who is the Founder and CEO of Fund That Flip, which is a venture-backed platform for real estate investing. Fund That Flip has actively funded several million dollars of transactions all across the US, in which they provide liquidity to borrowers. Investors who are the lenders in these transactions can earn healthy returns with minimum investments as low as $5,000.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How our guest went about raising VC funding for an idea
  • What markets our guest is consistently seeing opportunities in
  • Why some data points about shrinking markets in the US may be misleading
  • The difference between dealing with institutional investors and individual accredited investors

Learn more about our guest:

LinkedIn: Matt Rodak