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Exposing The Myth Of Perfectionists - E742 - FF - Asym Capital

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Exposing The Myth Of Perfectionists – E742 – FF

Welcome to another revealing Freedom Friday on the Cash Flow Connections podcast!

Today, I’m setting the record straight about perfectionism in entrepreneurship. Many believe perfectionists produce superior work, but the truth is quite the opposite.

I’ll illustrate this with a simple example: creating an ebook. The perfectionist may take six months crafting the “perfect” ebook, isolated from market feedback. Meanwhile, the action taker completes one in a month, benefiting from real-time feedback and iterations. Fast forward six months, and whose work is better? The action taker’s, of course. Real-world market feedback trumps self-imposed perfection.

So, if you’ve been stuck in perfectionism, it’s time to shift your approach and prioritize action over perfection. Don’t miss this eye-opening episode!

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