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From Adversity to Apex: What it Takes to Defy Odds, Triumph Over Challenges, and Achieve Greatness [Part 1] - E849 - CFC - Asym Capital

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From Adversity to Apex: What it Takes to Defy Odds, Triumph Over Challenges, and Achieve Greatness [Part 1] – E849 – CFC

There’s a monumental size of rewards waiting for you in the game of real estate investing.

Rewards so big…they may be the biggest you’ll ever attain in your life.

And that everyone in your family would think you’re doing something illegal to get that kind of life.

I’m sure you’d want that…maybe that’s why you came into real estate investing…

But I have some bad news for you…

Big rewards also bring BIG CHALLENGES.

Challenges that you’ve never faced before…

And if you’re not prepared, they might break your business and leave you in deep adversity.

That’s why, today…

I’m sharing a RaiseFest ‘24 exclusive panel session by Bryce Robertson and four other amazing real estate entrepreneurs…

…who’re sharing their individual struggles of entrepreneurial journey and how they converted those challenges into triumphs…

…so you can learn from their experiences and plan better on how to deal with upcoming challenges in your career.

Bryce Robertson is the founder & CEO of Cultiv8 Collective…and has scaled his business at an exponential rate of 300% every single year.

He, along with the four panel experts, share powerful methods and mindset shifts you need to adopt…

…to turn adverse challenges into wins, defy the odds in your business, and achieve greatness!

This is one of the most valuable podcasts…and is highly recommended.

Because things go wrong way too often in the world of real estate…and you’d want to be very well-equipped to deal with those times!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:


NJ Rongner & Sarah Morrison

Alvin Scioneaux

Jesse Trujillo

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