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From Adversity to Apex What it Takes to Defy Odds, Triumph Over Challenges, and Achieve Greatness [Part 2] - E853 - CFC - Asym Capital

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From Adversity to Apex What it Takes to Defy Odds, Triumph Over Challenges, and Achieve Greatness [Part 2] – E853 – CFC

In our last episode, you got to hear the amazing stories of our RaiseFest’24 guests…

…and how they overcame major challenges on their entrepreneurial journeys to achieve greatness!

Today, we’re continuing that conversation and shining the spotlight on our rockstar Capital Collective coaches…

Sarah Morrison and NJ Rongner!

You’ll hear how Sarah, a mom of six, once hit rock bottom as a single mom with zero dollars in her bank account…

…went on to become the Director of Coaching at ClickFunnels!

And how NJ overcame multiple rejections to building an amazing consulting business with her partner, Sarah.

Their stories are pure inspiration, showing just how crucial it is to keep pushing when the going gets tough as an entrepreneur.

They talk about the importance of “not giving up” no matter what…

…and finding a strong “why”…(like feeding your kids or providing your family a better life)…

…that fuels your fire to rise above the challenges (and excuses) to achieve success!

You’ll also learn their deep secrets about how to…

  • convert a “no” into a “yes”…by being the last person standing

  • find the best talent to join your team…without posting perfect JDs on LinkedIn

  • use the power of stories to build trust with your investor base

And a lot more!

You don’t wanna miss this…

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:


NJ Rongner & Sarah Morrison

Alvin Scioneaux

Jesse Trujillo

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