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Getting Started With Zero Track Record, Content Creation, and Dream 100 Strategies - E737 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Getting Started With Zero Track Record, Content Creation, and Dream 100 Strategies – E737 – CFC

When it comes to raising capital, I believe I’ve found what it takes to make it and outperform the competition…

But success doesn’t happen overnight; it’s all about the right strategies to implement.

Today, I join Ben Nelson to discuss what I’ve learned are the best techniques for getting started as a capital raiser.

First, authenticity is necessary to attract your dream clients because staying true to yourself will bring in those with the same values.

You don’t need a thousand investors; decide who your dream 100 clients are and reach out with a way you can provide value to them.

Building relationships with the right people involves becoming a momentum maker, providing solutions, and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals.

When vetting operators, just keep in mind that it takes time to form a relationship of trust.

But one of the biggest factors to raise money in today’s climate is about content creation…

If you grow your audience, you grow your portfolio.

Remember that simplicity scales while everything else fails.

Rising to the raise involves pushing boundaries, creating content, outpacing competitors, and more…

So, tune in to today’s episode if you want to discover how to unlock your potential for raising capital!

Take control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Raising Capital For Real Estate Book

Fund of Funds Mastery

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