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Has The Fed Lost Control? No Rate Reduction Announced - E857 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Has The Fed Lost Control? No Rate Reduction Announced – E857 – CFC

During the COVID-19 pandemic…

The Fed printed $400 million per hour for a year to prop up the economy.

They pumped so much money into the system that people feared high inflation and interest rate hikes were coming.

But then Powell (The Fed’s Chairman) came out in early 2022 and said, “we’re not even thinking about thinking about raising rates.”

(Yes, you read that correctly.)


You know what happened next…

Inflation got out of control…and The Fed had to raise interest rates faster than they had risen in the last 40 years…

…causing immense distress in the real estate market.

And they seem to still be struggling to accurately predict or communicate what’s coming next.

Many people fear if The Fed has lost control…

And wonder how they should act in such an uncertain economic environment…

That’s why today, I brought Alex Cartwright to my show to get his insights into…

…the economic situation we’re in right now, what we can expect next from The Fed, and what that means for you as a real estate entrepreneur.

Alex conducts underwriting at HotelShift…and is the leader of macroeconomic analysis and target markets.

He explains how inflation is actually a function of money printing, and not economic growth…

In fact, innovation and technological advancements take the prices down. Money printing brings them up!

He also shares a deep analysis of…

– Why The Fed can’t increase rates even more (even if they want) to bring inflation down

– How rising interest rates don’t actually make lending profitable for banks

– How you can use Warren Buffet’s strategy to make the right decisions…even though the economy is uncertain.

Plus a lot more…

The best part?

Alex has explained these topics using many simplified examples that you’re going to love!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Alex Cartwright



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