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How to Avoid Getting FRIENDZONED By Investors - E758 - FF - Asym Capital

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How to Avoid Getting FRIENDZONED By Investors – E758 – FF

Join me in this exciting episode of the Cash Flow Connections podcast for a chat with Alvin, one of our RaiseMasters rock stars. Alvin achieved a remarkable feat by closing three commercial properties—a 30-unit, a 12-unit, and an 8-unit—in just a couple of months. We delve into how he pulled off these deals, offering valuable insights into overcoming challenges and navigating the current market uncertainties.

Alvin shares his diverse background, from being a physicist and NFL athlete to transitioning into real estate full-time. Learn how he raises money amid economic concerns and discover his unique approach to connecting with investors. Whether you’re interested in scaling your real estate portfolio or exploring new investment strategies, Alvin’s journey and expertise provide valuable inspiration.

Tune in and get ready to elevate your real estate game!

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Alvin Scioneaux

Financial Athlete Capital Website

Imperium Fortune Website



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